The Vision Behind Eagle Eye Events

We are a third party marketing company hired by different clients to take their name, product or service to their target market. We then take that name, product or service and perform direct face-to-face marketing. Two reasons our clients love us are because of our direct approach and the exposure we create for them.

This is a full time position, working 5 to 6 days a week and we work traditional retail hours. One thing we do before we hire anyone is conduct a second round interview which consists of two hours in the field. What this means is, if we invite you back in for a second interview then we will introduce you to a few of our current staff who will have you follow them where they will demonstrate exactly what we do for our clients. From there we will sit back down, review the pay and your experience, answer any questions, and make a more educated decision after we’ve had a proper evaluation of each other.

Corporate Culture at Eagle Eye Events

Eagle Eye Events focuses on taking the promotional goals of our clients across the goal line by infusing our corporate culture with supportive coaching and a drive to win. Any ambitious professional can find fulfillment and career advancement if they’re willing to stick to the training and exercise discipline to reach their goals. We also cultivate a team atmosphere and friendly competition with social events such as barbeque nights, sports activities, and weekly internal contests.

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