Eagle Eye Events’ CEO

KrissyKrissy Simpkins was born in Mississauga, Ontario and raised in Brampton, Ontario, eventually attending Fanshawe College where she earned a degree in travel and tourism, with a minor in geography. Her academic education was instrumental in forming her view of the world and giving her an understanding of just how diverse and unique humanity is. This knowledge has provided her with a keen insight into how to reach customers effectively while lending her outstanding team building skills as well.

During her college years, she was a cheerleader for the Toronto Argonauts football team as well as a professional theatre dancer. These athletic endeavours instilled in Krissy Simpkins a drive for precision and a passion for the discipline it takes to be at the top of your game. She employs these perspectives as she leads her executives in delivering promotional campaigns to a high standard of excellence.

Krissy Simpkins is also guided by her personal motto which suggests that by understanding that every obstacle is a challenge from which you can learn, you’re assured that everything you do is a path to growth. She takes this perspective with her into every situation she encounters, seeing roadblocks as a means to perfect her abilities in business and in marketing.

Recently Krissy was promoted to Regional Consultant at the 2015 Owners Retreat in the Bahamas. This achievement was even more special as she is the first Regional Consultant to be promoted within the Canadian market.

Administrative Operations Manager

Cindy attended Fanshawe College where she received a degree in Business and Commerce, from there she attended Ashworth University where studied the professional Small Business Management Program. After attending the second college, Ashworth University, she returned to Fanshawe College to receive her certification in Business Management. Cindy kept a competitive edge by being involved in fastball for 40 years. She also enjoyed volleyball, track and field, basketball and gymnastics.

She started with Eagle Eye Events in 2010, where she began as a team member in the events and promotions department. Pushing through challenges and obstacles, Cindy was working her way into a Management role but due to unforeseen circumstances she had to deviate from this path and take another path within the business. She decided to take on a new role at Eagle Eye Events and became the Administrative Operations Manager as well as the Area Marketing Director. She is responsible for office administration, scouting for new talent, and booked anywhere from 10 to 17 events each week while doing the Area marketing Director’s role. She managed both roles for 2 1/2 years until  the role of Administrative Operations Manager became too busy. She is now responsible for training and mentoring new Administrative Assistants for our new offices that have opened up across Canada. She also occasionally offers assistance to other top business leaders with understanding the importance of the administrative role and helping their administrative managers grow more.

Her goal within the business is to pass on her practices and knowledge to new administrators and continue to grow within the company.

In 2015, Cindy’s role has once again evolved. Although she is still doing the Administrative Operations Manager role and all that goes with it, she is also a National Recruiter and recruiting for other offices in our organization on a part time basis.

Area Marketing Director


Elliott studied advertising at Mohawk College where he discovered his talent for event coordination. Elliott then joined the firm, and has been a pivotal team member, organizing campaigns while training others on the team.

The Team Leaders of Eagle Eye Events

Eagle Eye Events runs smart promotional campaigns powered by the work of an exceptional team of marketing specialists. Our executives are consistently recognized for the ingenuity and professionalism with industry awards for breakaway leadership, best management practices, consistency and more.


Karl was educated at Lambton College and Brock University where he studied sports and recreation administration and leisure studies. He was also involved in karate, MMA, baseball, and rugby. Having a keen understanding of how teams work, Karl shows consistent skills in harnessing group dynamics in the field to get results, making him a solid example for those he supervises.

Mina-Atalla-150x150Mina – Manager of Burlington Market

Mina was educated at Ecole Secondaire Sainte-Famille and Humber College where he received a bilingual diploma and studied police foundations. His interests are in soccer, boxing and baseball. He is currently focusing on building relationships within the team, learning to manage an office and eventually, headline his way into a market of his choice.

BrandonBrandon – Team Leader

Brandon studied professional writing and communications at the University of Toronto, which prepared him well to become a successful sales and marketing expert. He is known for his strong work ethic and goal-oriented outlook, which are propelling him through the various levels of management as he simultaneously helps his colleagues achieve their goals.

GeofffreyGeoffrey – Team Leader

Geoffrey’s team-focused mind-set and leadership abilities have evolved from his heavy involvement in sports. He is also passionate about teaching and training, which further reinforces his potential to guide others to success. Geoffrey is well on his way to management as he works to expand the firm.

JuliaJulia – Team Leader

Having made the dean’s honors list at McMaster University, and achieving status as a winning world martial arts competitor, Julia brings high levels of discipline and perseverance to the team. She is also highly detail oriented as a territory and mapping manager at the firm, as well as an enthusiastic trainer and team-builder.

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