What does Eagle Eye Events do?

Our firm provides public relations services for clients large and small. Our personalized approach to promotions has been proven to generate much higher conversion rates than conventional advertising such as television and radio messaging because we inform, educate, and serve as an extension of our clients’ outreach goals. By building brand awareness for both national and provincial clients, we drive results our clients can measure.

Why are you looking for new team members?

Face-to-face direct marketing is truly the future for the industry because traditional forms of advertising such as TV, radio and print are expensive and obsolete as media messages saturate the market. Promotional face-to-face marketing has much more flexibility in their messaging and provides a higher return on investment. Eagle Eye Events is currently in a season of expansion due to increased demands from our clients. As a result, we are scouting individuals to serve as sales representatives, promotional representatives, account representatives, and managers.

What are you looking for in a candidate?

We use a strict selection process in order to find well-suited individuals for our firm. Although we have had an overwhelming response to our advertisements for career openings, not everyone is a good fit for the type of work we do. We require out of the box thinking and typically focus on key characteristics such as these:

  • People Skills. A candidate who is comfortable dealing with people in a customer-facing capacity is ideal.
  • Willingness to Learn. Very few people join our organization with all the skills necessary to succeed in this industry, so it is crucial that our candidates learn and develop new skills quickly. What’s more, our industry is constantly changing, which means we need adaptable people who are willing to acquire new knowledge as we grow.
  • Ambition. We are looking for people who want more than a weekly paycheque. You must be willing to learn and have a strong desire to grow within a career. We pride ourselves on our policy of promoting only from within.
  • Responsible and Accountable. We are looking for candidates who continue to make a commitment to excellence, personally as well as professionally.
  • Positive and Dynamic Personality. At Eagle Eye Events we work as a team in a fast paced and constantly changing environment. It is essential that our executives are team players with positive and ambitious personalities.