Eagle Eye Events offers not only paid training positions, but from there we have the following opportunities available: brand ambassador, sales and marketing representative, customer service associates, and sales representatives. For those who qualify, we also offer you a paid management training program. We evaluate each candidate through a two-step interview process. The first interview is a traditional office-based discussion. The second is a 2 hour experiential interview which allows each individual to demonstrate their skills. Following this evaluation, we review relevant experience, compensation packages, and answer any questions to ensure a good fit.

Management Training Program

This paid training program takes six to nine months to complete and is intended to walk individuals through various stages of cross-training with the goal of reaching the management level. Each level is considered a full-time position, requiring a commitment of five to six days per week with a schedule based on retail hours.

This level provides on-site training in the basics of our marketing methods. Responsibilities include:

  • Discovering business systems and structures
  • Providing customer service and deploying events
  • Learning business basics
  • Communicating client and product knowledge

At the leadership level, you will continue to work on-site as you learn how to train other team members in our basic marketing systems. Responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing five or more team members
  • Leading training for small groups
  • Doing first round interviews
  • Running meetings
  • Participating in business trips

At this level, you will work on-site and behind the scenes as you master event planning and team management. Responsibilities include:

  • Providing administration within the office
  • Coordinating campaigns
  • Overseeing event logistics including product ordering, shipping, and receiving
  • Assisting with recruitment and interviews
  • Coordinating campaign finances
  • Meeting and communicating with clients
  • Supervising other team members and managing meetings

Finally, in the management level you will be teaching, training, and managing our marketing efforts. Responsibilities include:

  • Supervising marketing campaigns and client compliance
  • Managing corporate accounting
  • Overseeing office management
  • Training and promoting team members
  • Ensuring a consistent cycle of development within the team