Eagle Eye Events Discusses Ways to Get Your Team to Listen to You

Eagle Eye Events’ management team knows how crucial it is to communicate with your colleagues in a way that not only gains their attention, but motivates them to act. The key is not just the information, but also the perceived credibility of the leadership. Fortunately, there are ways you can increase your rapport with your team:


  • Be True to Yourself: Most people can quickly detect insincerity. Therefore, to be believable, you must be genuine when you are leading a meeting. Don’t present on a topic you do not firmly believe in or that your actions will contradict later, as this will impact your reputation. You need to know what you value and to let those beliefs shine through in your delivery.


  • Be There to Engage: Avoid the use of note cards, which project a sense of distance and will swiftly cost you the attention of your audience. Similarly, if you are presenting numbers or statistics, find ways to interject stories or anecdotes that will further motivate your team. For example, if you are discussing a loss or gain in your monthly revenue, cite personal reasons for the fluctuation, such as heartfelt communications from clients describing how your product or services impacted their businesses or lives.


  • Be Ready to Learn: Effective leaders are not born. They learn through trial and error. You can do the same by taking time to absorb knowledge on effectual leadership strategies through reading or coaching. A good mentor will help you refine your managerial style so you can connect better with your team. At Eagle Eye Events, we constantly challenge our team to constructively review leadership abilities and strive for improving skills through training or self-learning opportunities.


Your team will listen if you remain authentic, present, and always ready to learn and grow.

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EagleAdminEagle Eye Events Discusses Ways to Get Your Team to Listen to You