Eagle Eye Events Identifies Qualities Common in Great Leaders

There may be a long list of leadership styles, but we at Eagle Eye Events know that there are some core qualities found in all good leaders. They are humble, for instance, and they have both vision and resolve. Here are more of the behaviors and traits that all influencers possess:

  •  They Practice Empathy: Truly great leaders look beyond their own experiences and agendas, and try to perceive things from the perspectives of others. Furthermore, they withhold judgment as they do so.
  •  They are Good Listeners: These individuals know that their team members have valuable insights to share, and are eager to hear them.
  •  They are Focused: Although they understand the importance of shortterm responsibilities, they remain focused on the big picture. Good leaders base all their decisions on their organizations’ forward growth.
  •  They are Always Learning: No matter the level of their expertise, good leaders know that they don’t know everything. As a result, they are committed to continuous learning. They even make every effort to learn from their experiences with both success and failure.
  •  They Know How to Deal with Conflict: Conflict is inevitable, and these professionals opt to deal with it directly instead of avoiding it. They do so ethically and assertively, and are always willing to compromise.
  •  They are Confident: True leaders must operate with conviction and belief in themselves. Conversely, individuals who are indecisive and passive cannot effectively guide others.

These are just some of the qualities our team members at Eagle Eye Events have identified as being present in all great leaders. What other behaviors and traits have you noticed in them?

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EagleAdminEagle Eye Events Identifies Qualities Common in Great Leaders