Eagle Eye Events Shares 10 Things Exceptional People Say Every Single Day

Eagle Eye Events is proud of the great leaders that are part of the Eagle Eye Events family. We truly have great people amongst our ranks. However, we want everyone on our team to learn to go from good to great by learning about 10 things exceptional people say every day to make a difference in the lives of others, on the job and off.


  • I Was Wrong: We all make mistakes. By owning up to them, your will gain you respect.
  • Please Help: Admitting you need help and asking someone to come to your aid shows your vulnerability, that you respect the other person and that you are willing to listen and learn.
  • Here’s What I’m Thinking: Share the reasons why you make the decisions you do. It opens the door to collaboration and improvements, and shows that you respect their thoughts.
  • That Was Awesome: Frequent praise for a job well done goes a long way to improving productivity. If you praise openly so other people hear it, as well, you get more mileage from that praise, as it motivates others. The key here though is to make sure that you spread the praise around.
  • You’re Welcome: When receiving a gift, don’t spoil the moment or take the fun out of it. Just say thank you and move on. If you are giving a gift, don’t make it about you and your sacrifice. Just say you’re welcome.
  • I’m Sorry: When you make a mistake, not only should you admit it, but you should also apologize, without qualifying your apology in any way. Even if you believe the other party is partially responsible, say you’re sorry, admit what you’ve done, and take all of the blame.
  • Can You Show Me: When needing to learn something about which you are unfamiliar, instead of asking for someone to explain the skill to you, have them show you. Just as asking for help shows you respect the person, so does having someone show you something. In addition, it provides an opportunity for you to assess the quality of the other person’s knowledge.
  • Let me Help: Often if you ask if you can help, the other person is likely to say no, out of a feeling of obligation. However, instead, just jump in and start helping. You should be modelling the behavior that you expect from your team.
  • Nothing: Sometimes the best choice of words is to say nothing at all. If you are feeling upset, angry, or frustrated, it is better to stay quiet. Venting is never helpful, as it just fans the flames. Instead, say nothing and reflect on the issue before determining a plan of action.
  • I Love You: No, you should not tell your coworkers that you love them, but you should tell your friends and family.


It is easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life, but it is these little things that make a difference and keep us inspired to serve the people of our community.

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EagleAdminEagle Eye Events Shares 10 Things Exceptional People Say Every Single Day