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Eagle Eye Events Shares the Best Books for Running a Business

If you run your business, you undoubtedly know how many challenges there are that just seem to come out of nowhere. One of the biggest issues for entrepreneurs and business leaders is simply not knowing what they don’t know. Fortunately there are a few good reads that can really help alleviate this problem. Here are the favorites of our team at Eagle Eye Events:

The Confidence Code, by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman: Doubt is the enemy of success. This book is all about how professionals can build confidence and leverage it in order to achieve more with their careers.

Uncontainable, by Kip Tindell: This book by the CEO of the Container Store is an excellent guide to business principles and culture. Tindell focuses on how important developing a strong, value-driven culture is vital to the success of any business.

Executive Presence, by Sylvia Ann Hewlett: In a study along with the center for Talent Innovation, Hewlett identified the qualities of authentic executive presence. She shares the insights gained from her research in this book.

Culture that Rocks, by Jim Knight: A how-to book on business, this guide uncovers the ingredients necessary to build an awesome culture. It also examines effective hiring, management, and retention strategies.

Daring Greatly, by Brené Brown: This is an excellent inspirational read for any entrepreneur. It explores how dreaming and daring big can result in incredible success. Definitely a must-read.

Try these awesome business books if you want to quickly improve your skills as a leader.

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EagleAdminEagle Eye Events Shares the Best Books for Running a Business