Making Productivity Hacks Work for You with Eagle Eye Events

There are two things of special significance we at Eagle Eye Events have learned while researching suggestions for how to be more productive. First, there is an endless supply of tips, tricks, and tactics in this area, and most of them are variations of a few simple timeless methods. Second, many people are using those simple timeless methods incorrectly.

Let’s address to-do lists. We’re not sure how we would survive without these handy tools, but people commonly say that this productivity strategy does not work for them, no matter how low-tech or hi-tech they make theirs. We are told that they find these lists demotivating because they are never complete. If this sounds like you, focus on the two or three most important things that need to be accomplished that day, and move the rest to your calendar (or someone else’s list).

Another common suggestion that goes awry involves a normal sleep schedule. No one will argue against the importance of sleep, but who’s to say what normal is? The important thing is to get seven or eight hours of sleep in a way that benefits you. Many famous people, including Winston Churchill and Thomas Edison, had extremely irregular sleep schedules and still managed to accomplish a few things.

Finally, we warn against getting organized too quickly. Many people organize their work in fits of frustration, then waste time trying to remember their new systems. If you’re not already an organized person, take baby steps toward a more structured workspace so as not to interfere with established patterns.

Eagle Eye Events wishes you the best of luck in making these productivity strategies work for you.

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EagleAdminMaking Productivity Hacks Work for You with Eagle Eye Events