Press Release: Eagle Eye Events Embraces Travel Opportunities

BURLINGTON, ON – The leadership team at Eagle Eye Events recently enjoyed a travel opportunity to Mexico with several top performers, and is working toward future goals.

he Eagle Eye Events’ travel opportunity to Mexico was relaxed and allowed the firm’s people to network with professionals from all over the United States and Canada. Krissy S., the firm’s president, said, “In addition to myself, Elliott, J., Cindy M., Mina A., Brandon K., and Heidi M. embarked on this adventure. Inviting them to attend was the perfect way to recognize their growth and to reward them for their efforts.”

According to Krissy, Elliott received the Area Marketing Director of the Year award, and Cindy received the Administrator of the Year award. Also, Mina was promoted to Assistant Manager during the trip. “I invited Brandon and Heidi as well, because I certainly did not want their hard work and contributions to the firm to go unnoticed,” she explained. “I wanted them to get a bigger picture of what is available to them if they continue to live up to their potential, and for them to understand that the only limits to their success are the ones they place on themselves. I have no doubt that everyone on the team will continue to raise the bar for our clients, our firm, and for themselves.”

Krissy continued by pointing out some of the other benefits associated with this travel opportunity. Everyone absorbed valuable information about consumer behavior, market research, strategic planning, and business management. Not only will they grow professionally as a result of this knowledge, but they were eager to share it with their colleagues who remained at the office.

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EagleAdminPress Release: Eagle Eye Events Embraces Travel Opportunities