Press Release: Eagle Eye Events Promotes Two and Expands into New Markets

BURLINGTON, ON – Eagle Eye Events is proud to announce the promotion of two top performers. These talented and devoted professionals will be leading the firm’s expansion into exciting new markets.

 Eagle Eye Events emphasizes professional development and takes pride in building their team members’ leadership skills. Natalie and Karl are the firm’s latest success stories, and both have been promoted to management positions. In their new roles, Natalie and Karl will be responsible for overseeing teams comprised of 20 or more members. They will also create new strategies for bringing in new talent, motivate their teams to exceed revenue goals, and offer constructive feedback to help their executives improve.The well-rounded young executives will be headlining Eagle Eye Events’ expansion efforts in two vibrant new markets. Natalie will be leading a new campaign in Ottawa, and Karl will be opening the Oshawa market. As Krissy, the firm’s director of operations, commented, “These will be brand new markets for Eagle Eye Events. This means they will continue to grow and expand as they begin to start campaigns in new places.”

Read the Full Press Release Here

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EagleAdminPress Release: Eagle Eye Events Promotes Two and Expands into New Markets