Press Release: Eagle Eye Events Recruiting, Training Talented Individuals

Burlington, ON – Eagle Eye Events management team is currently recruiting for openings in several roles, including customer service, marketing, and more. Interested candidates should have a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn.

Krissy, the company’s director of operations is currently searching for talented individuals to join their team. There are openings for several roles at this premier interactive marketing firm based in Burlington, Ontario, including customer service representatives, marketing consultants, and field representatives, as well as managerial positions. The company’s management team will train qualified candidates.

Krissy stated, “We are looking for committed team members who are passionate about providing exceptional customer service – people who understand the importance of customer satisfaction and what it means to their profession. As a company that is well-positioned to continue meeting and exceeding our clients’ evolving needs, we also take pride in upholding a rewarding work experience for all of our team members.”

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EagleAdminPress Release: Eagle Eye Events Recruiting, Training Talented Individuals